Between Everything and Everything Else

York/Sheridan Design 2011 Graduating Show Identity Design

As a member of the identity team and project manager of the graphics team I collaborated with other talented students in conceptualizing and bringing the brand to life. 'Between Everything and Everything Else' encompassed the idea that inspiration could come from the most unusual or mundane things in our lives. We asked every student to submit anything that affected their design. With this visual bank we developed the graphics for the show.

Branding Team: Chris White (Project Manager), Mangreig Farin, Julianna Le, Fran Brand, Sherry Tang. Graphics Team: Jackie Chow, Mangreig Farin, Yvonne Ho, Jakub Tywoniuk, Thomas Van Ryzewyk, Fok Yulingelaine, Man Wai Wong. Photography compliments of Mangreig Farin.

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