Urbanicity Magazine

Editorial Design Director

Hamilton is one of the fasted growing cities in Canada. Once known as ‘Steel City’ for it’s industrial economy and unfortunate cityscape, HamOnt—as it is affectionately referred to by it’s residents—is in the middle of a major resurgence. Young professionals, entrepreneurs and artists are flocking to the city for the business opportunities, affordable housing, and sense of community that this city has to offer. Every month 10,000 free copies of Urbanicity are distributed around Hamilton featuring articles written by locals for locals.

I did a full re-design of the newspaper introducing new typefaces that are friendlier and legible, a flexible grid, and elements such as pull quotes, deks, sidebars and infographics to entice the reader to engage in the longer articles. With a successful re-launch in May 2014 and as the designer director for the succeeding issues we've improved the design every few months to keep it fresh and relevant.

Publisher, Martinus Geleynse. Editor, Kristel Bulthius.

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